Vintage Rapunzl Hat
Vintage Rapunzl Hat
Vintage Rapunzl Hat

Vintage Rapunzl Hat

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Unconfirmed transcript of Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, on set for Back To The Future, when this hat was first discover:

"Hmm.. This hat SCREAMS "Classic" like a grainy 70s thriller, but then it also coaxes you into modernism with a crispness found only in films that have been digitally remastered in the future...
Great Scott!! Marty that it's it! And no, I'm not talking about 1.2 Gigawatts and 86 miles per hour. Who cares about time travel at a time like this!
Disney, amidst the Covid-19 global pandemic, just might have let their vault open up. Was a security guard asleep?
Only this hat, which must have escaped - for how else could it be so timeless? - knows the answer."

Now, we definitely think Doc was onto something, because this hat went on to be  worn by some of the world's greatest investors. But you don't need to be a stock wizard to wear this sorting hat.

This is the same hat disputably seen in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Harrison Ford swings from a snake, and several other classic feature films.

Now we must come clean. We may have turned down several opportunities to create a documentary about this hat, the most compelling with the title Rapunzl Hat: Then. Here. And Forever. Unfortunately, we could not continue without a narrator, and the one man just wasn't up for it.

We're not sure what happened, but we like to imagine that Morgan Freeman was so humbled and dumbfounded when we requested he narrate our documentary, he couldn't find words to respond. He certainly recognized that he just might not be able to pull off such a hat.

So narrate your investor life in style and forget Hollywood. That's show business baby.


The pandemic has significantly impacted the delivery schedule for these hats. Although one could make a joke about US Borders & Customs seizing the hats and wearing them for themselves; in fact, it wouldn't be that much of a joke because we'd get it. The hats are cool. But in fact, the delay is associated with a very serious problem affecting the globe and our local communities. This product may not ship in the week after your purchase, but we have received all assurances from the provider that the hats will arrive shortly. Also, if you didn't get the Back To The Future film reference, use your Stay-At-Home time more wisely.