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Rapunzl Masks
Rapunzl Masks
Rapunzl Masks
Rapunzl Masks

Rapunzl Masks

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We'll save the jokes for the other product descriptions because the intention with these masks is clear: help keep yourself and those around you safe, and maybe do so with a little style...

ALL FABRICS SOURCED FROM SMALL BUSINESSES IN THE USA and let me tell you... these masks check all the boxes.

Even boxes you didn't know you had!

Are the fabrics sourced from sustainable, renewable businesses in the US? You bet!

Are they biodegradable, 100% cotton, and designed with environmentally friendly fibers? Ummm yeah... duh.

Did you know that the above statement actually makes the masks vegan? Didn't think so.

All masks are handmade, in Chicago, with custom nose wires sewn directly into the mask to provide superior comfort and fit your face perfectly. 

Masks are machine washable and dryer safe to comply with CDC recommendations to wash masks after repeated use.

So now you face a decision: do you keep that mask you bought at Costco that gives you a little rash behind the ears?

Or do you upgrade your mask game and rep Rapunzl in the process?