Pinky & The Forest Green Brain
Pinky & The Forest Green Brain

Pinky & The Forest Green Brain

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Pinky and Brain reside in the Acme Labs research facility in Cartoon Network. Brain is self-centered and scheming, while Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded.

But one day, things change: Pinky discovers Rapunzl.

From that day onward, investing smarter became a lifestyle for Pinky. He dollar-averaged the S&P for 2 cartoon years (48 human years) and absolutely decimated Brain's AI investing system.

Armed with cartoon bucks and educated from Rapunzl, Pinky was good-natured, rich, and no longer feebleminded.

He knew the value of investing. He knew the importance of starting early and following technicals & fundamentals over gut-feelings and emotion.

His strategy was long-term, just like the lifetime usage of this shirt, which pays homage to one of the least talked about, yet most successful cartoon investors of our time: Pinky.